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District Food, Capitol Style

Hunger Games was frackin’ amazing.

I made some small snacks to munch on while we got dressed up for the midnight showing (I decked out all Capitol).image

Prim’s reaping gift to Katniss was basil-wrapped goat cheese. These crostinis are a nod to that. Honeyed goat cheese on Mellark raisin nut bread is topped with a basil leaf and served with deadly nightlock berries on the side.

Nightlock Berries:image

Strawberries for Mayor Undersee:


We also had hot chocolate like they drank on the train, but I didn’t get any pics so it didn’t happen. I wanted to make some apple goat cheese tarts and the breads from each district, but didn’t have time.

Seriously, awesome movie. Great adaptation. Really well cast (Hutcherson finally grew on me). I can’t believe the racism surrounding Rue’s casting. Ridiculous.

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