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Vegetarian Gyro

Boyfriend says you can’t make a gyro without the meat. Challenge accepted…


…and completed. With a bite in his mouth, he’s like “alright, maybe it’s good.”
That’s some high praise right there.

Made with seasoned and grilled shitake mushrooms and tempeh. MmmmMmmmm.

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I Got Feet!!!!

A billion egg whites later…


Horrible little deformed feet, but feet! I was kind of giving up hope that it was possible to make ugly macarons with stevia.


I’ve still got a long way to go, but at least I know I’m on the right track. Will post once I’ve got something that doesn’t require a bag over its head first.

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When shitty things happen during finals week, and you can’t distract yourself from thinking about them (with fun things like teh internets and friends) because you have to study instead

Fuck you, Organic Chemistry. Fuck. You.

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Anonymous asked: is there any alternatives for mason jars that are much cheaper? I would really want to try your DIY chalkboard drink tags :)

Woah, just saw this! Hobby Lobby sells ball jars for $1.79 each, which I guess would add up fast. Fortunately, all their glassware happened to be like 70% off last time I went by there so I snagged a bunch of them. I’ve also found them pretty cheap from thrift stores. So other than hoping for a sale or scoping out your local thrift shops, you could really use any old jar that’s about the right size to drink out of (the mix and match of shapes/sizes could be cite). Confession: I actually buy a certain brand of honey and pasta sauce mainly because they come in cool-looking mason jars. I’m stockpiling for the jarpocolypse. Lemme know if you think of/find something else!

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